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small dog breeds philippines

With its super-friendly nature, regal carriage and unique spots, you’ll find Dalmatians hard to resist. Your email address will not be published. If you want a unique looking dog, the Airedale Terrier is a breed you might want to check out. We had a previous post on ’10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the Philippines’ that went into depth about the most cherished dog breeds in the country. While their true breed ... Pomeranian. They love the outdoors and are extremely active. These dogs love the heat, which is why they’ll do well here. They will not think twice about giving their lives for their masters. A pug dog can be prone to certain conditions like hip dysplasia, so make sure your breeder has the proper certification. I just had a puppy and I’m a first timer pet parent. Training is essential for discipline. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The pug is a sturdy, compact dog with distinctive wide-set eyes and a wrinkly face. If you have small children, it’s better to supervise their interactions with your new pomeranian puppy, as the puppy can be prone to injury with rough handling. Overall, they are lively and people-oriented, and respond well to positive reinforcement. Easy to train, these dogs also make a great player for dog activities. Pekingese are also very sensitive, so they might not be a good choice if you have young children who are prone to pulling and teasing as they won’t hesitate to defend themselves. There are dogs for hunting and sport, dogs for guarding the house, and dogs for your kids to play with. Although a first glance may have them looking like the image of sophistication, poodles are incredibly affectionate and make fantastic family dogs. There”s one dog job that Labs are hopeless at: watchdog. I'm thinking of getting a Shih Tzu. Their wavy coats help protect them against the weather. After working in the corporate world for ten years, she decided one day to pack up her things and head halfway across the world for a taste of living somewhere brand new. They can be drooly and a little difficult to housetrain, but on the whole are exceptional companions. These dogs are one of the most intelligent breeds around. French bulldogs love human contact and companionship, and are also excellent watchdogs without being too noisy. On the flip side, if you do wish us to feature your photos in any of our work, please do message us anytime as well. Pug syempre. They also tend to forget that they’re smaller dogs, and have been known to go head to head with bigger breeds. I think these make very good house pets that even kids will enjoy taking care of and playing with. Shih tzus don’t need more than the regular amount of exercise, which makes them ideal pets for people living in apartments or homes without too much space. Third, smaller dog breeds are cheaper to raise and take care of overall, as they require less food and supplies when compared to larger dogs. When Will Boracay Open Up to Foreign Tourists? So watch out for those trash. Their coat doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, but you have to watch their diet since they’re prone to bone and hip problems. She lived and worked in Bangkok and Ipoh for a few months as an English teacher, before eventually washing up on the shores of the Philippines. kasi comedy just like me. Beautiful, sophisticated, and intelligent, the Poodle stands out in the crowd. Do you know if Cavalier King Charles Spaniels can be found in the Philippines as well, or are they not common to be found there? These dogs are known for their friendly temperament, intelligence, and low maintenance fur. The intelligent, muscular and athletic Labrador Retrievers have proven their usefulness and versatility – from fisherman”s companion, to retriever for hunters, to show dog, to rescue dog, to therapy dog and to modern working dog. Also, Chihuahuas are intelligent and fast learners. Hehehe. They’re alert and curious, but can tend to be territorial and aggressive when it comes to other dogs. Please stop saying Askals or Aspins, because there is no official dog breed originating from the Philippines. They’re also very social dogs and will do fine in small apartments. its a big lie, how about the askal breed. And like other intelligent breeds, it needs to have a job to do, such as retrieving balls, carrying items in its mouth, or simply waking up family members. Their short coats help keep them cool and it’s easy to care for. Square-proportioned, compact and of a cobby build, the pug is a large dog in a little space. Noble and athletic, the Doberman Pinscher is a courageous guardian. While she has a variety of different interests, Jane’s first loves have always been food and fashion, and she’s looking forward to sharing her thoughts on these on Daydreaming in Paradise. Whenever I see beagle, I always remember the movie "Underdog". They do have certain conditions that they’re prone to, such as allergies and canine hip dysplasia, but with the right care they’re overall easy dogs to care for. 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the Philippines. Every person needs a companion, and there’s perhaps no animal better suited for the job than the dog. Despite their somewhat unconventional looks, they’re fantastic companions for humans, and are affectionate, playful, intelligent, and loyal. I missed our Dalmatian, Jenine, she died last month. Amazingly versatile, highly-intelligent and protective, the German Shepherd Dog has won Pinoy hearts a thousand times. When the Spaniards came, European dogs also arrived with them. Their coat is easy to maintain. 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the Philippines. With its big eyes, big ears, and bigger-than-life attitude, the Chihuahua is the epitome of cocky canine in a petite package. If there’s one dog breed whose popularity has endured for decades in the Philippines, it’s the shih tzu. Just don’t forget to keep them exercised so they can let all their energies out. They also make great jogging companions. Don’t worry these dogs have been known to be very warm and friendly. You might need to walk them twice a day to keep them happy, but never take them out during the hottest time of the day. 10 of the Oldest Facts in the Philippines, The Most Affordable Cities to Live in the Philippines, Dog Breeds Appropriate for Philippine Weather, Top 10 Most Critically Endangered Species Philippines, 10 Crazy Facts About The Philippine Eagle, TOP 10 MUST–SEE ANIMALS IN THE PHILIPPINES BEFORE YOU HIT 60, Top 10 Philippine Inspired Cocktails Served in Manila, Got a Teen Acting Suddenly Weird? Children are also no problem, as long as they know how to treat a Shih Tzu puppy gently. Before heading to the pet store to pick up that cute corgi, make sure that you have a thorough understanding of its health, food, and entertainment and socializing needs. They do need space to play and stay active, so they’re not the best choice if you live in a city apartment. They can be quite vocal dogs and can be prone to overeating, so food intake should be monitored and adjusted accordingly. Pug. The Beagle is a happy, inquisitive, short-haired hound who makes a great family companion, an eager hunter in the field — or both! “Big dog in a little body”, that”s how dog breeders described the pug. This high-energy breed is ideal for active owners who love going outdoors. These fearless and protective dogs do well as guard and family dogs. This is a high-energy dog who needs a lot of activity and exercise. They’re not the most active dogs, but they love to snuggle. Shih Tzus “little lion” may give poodles a run for their money when it comes to the well-dressed department. This means that you have to give them toys and exercises to stop them from getting bored. Shih-tzus are a popular breed in the Philippines for their lively attitude and friendly disposition. Best Dog Breeds for Philippine Weather. It can get a bit thick, but you can trim it down to help keep them cool. Smaller homes means smaller pets. Second, attitudes towards home ownership are changing with demographics, with real estate website Lamudi listing condominiums as the second most popular search for property hunters. BTW of all the breeds listed I’ve only had the Beagle. In spite of his positive qualities, the Dobie isn”t the right breed for everyone. Just one thing to remember, it bores easily without variety in its training. The Chihuahua is one dog breed many Pinoy love to have at home. Labrador Retriever. They are just a fluffball of love. All Rights Reserved. Known for being the world’s smallest dog, the chihuahua is a top contender if you’re looking for toy dog breeds. Not only is it easy to train, the golden retriever has been known for its intelligence. Owners should take care to keep a close eye on them during walks and around small children, as their small size can lead to easy injury. Below are 10 dog breeds that will love the hot, tropical weather of the Philippines. I like the small breeds and the not too hairy ones. It's also challenging to train dogs of any breed. The American Water Spaniel are also very vocal, so you might want to train them to be a bit more quiet so as not to disturb your neighbors. I love my dog collie x shephered..very playful and obedient. They have a cute, puppy-dog look to them, but they can be stubborn. Make sure your corgi puppy gets socialized properly when they’re young, as they can suspicious and unfriendly towards strangers. One role has remained constant: a friendly companion. They also love staying near the water and swimming, hence their name. If you’re looking for a dog that fits your active lifestyle, the German Shorthaired Pointer might be perfect for you. though. A common detail that soon-to-be dog owners often miss out is the weather. There are a number of things to consider when you’re planning to get a pet dog. Overall, they’re wonderful, devoted companions despite their small size. Eager and happy to see everyone, greeting them with a wagging tail. He needs a lot of exercise. A medium-sized pooch with a strong, stocky build, the American Water Spaniel is a great breed to have for tropical weather. Pugs are intelligent, loyal, amiable, and affectionate with its family. The pug is a sturdy, compact … The foxy-looking, tiny pomeranian is another one of the most popular small dog breeds in the Philippines, and it’s not hard to see why. I will definitely have one soon. They’re very playful and goofy, making them a good choice for kids. In terms of exercise, a good play session is enough to satisfy them, which is why they make such good apartment dogs. In recent years, animal rights activists and organizations have raised awareness for the right treatment of these dogs.

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