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sicilian boy names

But, we at MomJunction, have done an intensive research to pick authentic and correct Sicilian names for you and your baby boy or girl. Sicilian form of Antoninus, meaning a highly praiseworthy man. Feminine form of Accursio, meaning to hasten. Pronounced: vee-TOH-ree-oh. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. All rights reserved. Italian Names for Boys. In Sicily, there’s a tradition of naming the first born son after the father and the second born son after the mother. These names are a subset of Italian names used more often by speakers of Sicilian. Sicilian form of Horatius, meaning hour, time or season. It means brave counsel. Sicilian form of Constantinus, meaning constant. it means strength. It isn’t really widespread now, but is expected to grow among the Hispanic population living in the North America. There are many names and variations of Sicilian names for boys. A form of given name Cleopatra, meaning she who brings glory to the father. Sicilian form of Augustus, meaning venerable. And in some cases the 'foreign' name was completely abandoned for names … There are so many versions of the same name and people even disagree on which is the correct spelling or pronunciation of the name. //-->. ... example: "lord of the rings" will match names from the novel 'The Lord of the Rings' this field understands simple boolean logic. Sicilian form of Gabriel, meaning God is my strong man. IT is the Italian version of Victor and is the name of such famous Italians as Vittorio Sereni, Italian poet and Vittorio Gassman, Italian actor. Sicilian names can be a real challenge to decide on. Sicilian form of Augustus, meaning venerable. NAMES MEANING GENDER; Alessandro: Old Greek - Defender of Men; A variant of name Alexander: Boy: Greek,Italian,Sicilian,Spanish: Christianity,Greek: Angelo Sicilian form of Chlorus, meaning pale green. /* REAL ESTATE */ Sicilian names are obviously also Italian names. Sicilian form of Carinus, meaning dear or beloved. Some of these names will change as the person gets older, sometimes the young boys name is shortened to a more fun loving family nickname. Custanzu is the Sicilian form of Constantius and means constant or steadfast. Diuclezzianu is the Sicilian form of Diocletianus and means glory of Zeus. A variant of Pertinax, meaning persistent, stubborn. 101 Sicilian Baby Names With Meanings In addition to being one of the most captivating places in the world with the ever pleasant smell of the lemon trees, colorful markets, and rich history, Sicily also boasts of some of the unique baby names. Sicilian form of Michael. Massimianu is derived from the name Maximian and means greatest. It means of the sky or heavenly. The list of Sicilian boy names below are just a few. 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Take a look. Italian names for boys are becoming increasingly popular among American parents of all ethnicities, in part because many of them feature the oh-so-trendy final letter “O.” This has contributed to rise of such names as Matteo and Emiliano. We’ll tell you. Sicilian form of Gabriel, meaning God is my strong man. Since the Sicilian tradition of naming boys after the grandfather, this slight variation can also help avoid the confusion when that persons name is called. And honestly speaking, it’s quite a good tradition and makes it a lot easier for parents willing to keep the Sicily naming tradition going. It means defender of mankind.