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There is no information available about her mother-father in Morfydd Clark Wiki. Though she has confessed that “for some reason, the only Swedish I know is ‘there is no toilet paper’”, her parents transported one important element of the culture back home to the south Wales seaside resort of Penarth, outside Cardiff, where they still live. When I first read Saint Maud I knew it was something I wanted people to experience, because it expresses so much of what I have seen.”, Whether she’s being funny, fierce, passionate or giddily naive, she has a quality that has triumphantly vindicated her nomination as a Screen International star of tomorrow in 2016, which she ascribes not to her own talent but to the Welsh language: “There’s this particular word hiraeth, which I feel loads of my characters have. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article, New Car Gadget Magically Removes Scratches & Dents. Her other films are far darker and are only now hitting the cinemas – a coincidence that makes them both more timely and more troubling. Bilingual in English and Welsh, she was born in Sweden, where her mother and father – “this Northern Irish Glaswegian guy who does something he can’t explain to do with software and security” – decided to spend some time out just before she was born. When Morfydd Clark was 16 years old, she crashed out of school. They didn’t care what grades I got. A run of roles in high-profile theatre productions had her falling helplessly in love with Freddie Fox in Romeo and Juliet at the Sheffield Crucible (2015), and being hurled to the floor by Glenda Jackson as Cordelia in King Lear at the Old Vic (2016), as well as being ravished by Dominic West in Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Morfydd Clark is a Welsh Stage and screen actress. “I tried for a term but didn’t do any work and my mum said: ‘Why don’t you just drop out? But one of her mentors, Tim Rhys-Evans, of the Welsh National Youth Opera, encouraged her to pursue acting as a career. “She has that rare ability to make it seem as if she has just made up the line she is speaking. In Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials she was Sister Clara, who introduces Lyra to Bolvangar research station, and in Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat’s Dracula, she played Jonathan Harker’s long-suffering fiancee, Mina. iPhone 13 won't just have more storage than Samsung Galaxy S20. She won a place on a three-year acting course at the Drama Centre London, leaving in her final term in 2013 to take the title role with Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru – the Welsh-language national theatre of Wales – in Blodeuwedd, in which she played a beautiful, wild woman created from flowers in a story from the Welsh national epic, The Mabinogion. Maud is a psychotic nurse who acts out her distress in a religious mania which has increasingly sinister consequences both for herself and for those in her care, in a film which has been described by the director Danny Boyle as “striking, affecting and mordantly funny at times, its confidence evokes the ecstasy of films like Carrie, The Exorcist and Jonathan Glazer’s Under the Skin.”. Her maternal grandparents were from a north Wales farming family whose mother tongue was Welsh, so, for all that English was the language her parents spoke at home, she and her sister were enrolled at a Welsh language school. [3][4], Clark was born in Sweden, but moved to Cardiff, Wales when she was 2 years old[5]. “I knew that I really wanted this part, because I’ve been obsessed with the health service for years and I felt I could do it well.”, For research she had to look no further than her own large family, which is full of doctors and nurses. What does that sensor on my car windscreen do? On social media handles including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Morfydd Clark is absent. You should go to drama school. That is, she likes to take her personal and professional life in parallel. ”, She landed the role of Maud after three auditions, in the last of which she just had to crouch in a corner convulsing and vomiting. There’s no point in being there if you’re going to be like this.’ So I spent a month in my pyjamas in my bedroom with the heating on, eating chocolates, and then she said: ‘Right, you’ve got to do something. Required fields are marked *. Her performances are never studied,” says one long-term observer of her stage career. I feel they blend together.”, Available for everyone, funded by readers. Armed with her new confidence she decided to give education another go at a different school – Kings Monkton, in Cardiff. Her other films are far darker and are only now hitting the cinemas – a coincidence that makes them both more timely and more troubling. She is speaking from New Zealand, where she has spent the last 11 months on a Tolkien TV series for Amazon, the details of which are so secret that she hasn’t been able to discuss it with her family, much to the disgust of her sister. Morfydd Clark – Award, Nominations. I’ve always been very scared of alienating myself from people, and I think it can happen very easily. Prior to training at the Drama Center London, in 2009 she was accepted into the production of British Youth Music Theater, according to ″According to Brian Haw″ and at the National Youth Theater in Wales. In May 2016, she appeared in the film The Call-Up. A decade and a half on, she is one of the UK’s most sought-after rising stars, taking a red-carpet call at last autumn’s London film festival for four roles in three films. Her three most recent films all, in their different ways, deal with behaviour that might previously have been dismissed as mad. [6] In 2009 she was accepted into British Youth Music Theatre's production of ″According to Brian Haw″[7] and into the National Youth Theatre of Wales, before training at the Drama Centre London. “I keep thinking I’m working for some very important government agency,” she says with arch seriousness, “but I am in fact doing Lord of the Rings.” So adamant is she about her vow of silence that she won’t even confirm reports that she’s playing a younger version of the elvish leader Galadriel, a role made famous in the Peter Jackson films by Cate Blanchett. Morfydd Clark was born in Sweden but moved with her parents to Cardiff, Wales when she was 2 years old where she was raised. She quit her school when her age is just 16 after battling dyslexia.

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