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mini cooper windshield

Irrespective of which insurance you have, we accept all insurance and provide you a seamless service, No upfront payment required. Temperatures were around 60 f so would not have contributed. One of the message board participant who installs windshield for car suggested us to file a complaint at this site because windshield problem can be fatal because of the followings: 1. This article applies to the 1st Gen Mini Cooper (2001-2006). Cracked windshield on a Mini. For much more information, you can refer to the Mini cooper owners internet web forum "northamericanmotoring . Over the years the Mini Cooper has receives a number of prestigious awards including: Approximately 10,000 Minis (left hand drive) were exported to the United States by BMC from 1960 through 1967. Windshield Mini without rain sensor, without shade. Work your way down until the screw holes are lined up. Any and all trademarks, service marks or copyrights associated with MINI are the intellectual property rights of the manufacturer and Safelite disclaims any intellectual property rights in the same. The veritable masses became enamored with the little car, whether they were British royalty (Prince Andrew's daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, among others) or too-cool-for-everything hipsters - and everyone in between. Open the passenger side door and pull down on the molding to access the three screws. EcoNour Foldable 2-Piece Premium Car Windshield Sunshade| Easy Read Size Chart| Fit for Car, SUV, … Com web site. Lifetime Warranty on All Work | No Obligation Quote. We’re the most trusted auto glass repair company in the nation. Thank you for all your help! The 80s proved to be a rather tumultuous time for the Mini as other brands like Ford and Volkswagen introduced more modern and practical designs that could easily compete with the Mini in fuel efficiency and other major areas. OEM Windshield Replacement Standard MINI Cooper Cooper S R55 R56 R57 Gen2 MINI factory OEM replacement Standard Front Windshield (no rain sensor). The premium brand of the BMW has seeped into the MINI's genetics, giving it a luxurious and sporty boost. BMW Mini coopers have defective windshields that crack repeatedly without any type of impact. How to Remove and Repair Your Headliner Updated 2/6/2007 -. Break off your roof antenna at the car wash? No hidden details, we promise. How to Replace Antenna How to Replace Window Motor Vehicle was parked at the time and there was no visible damage anywhere on windshield. Reinstall the rubber door seal so the corner at the end of the dash is sitting in the channel. Just had one replaced in August. When the classic Mini ceased production in 2000, BMW announced its successor, the MINI (same name, all caps). Windshield, cracked , for no apparent reason. We would have to pay to replace the windshield. The vehicle was inspected by a dealer who determined a possible road hazard was the cause. Today, while driving, the crack further extended another 1/4 inch. The next morning half of our windshield cracked from this chip. Only 3,100 miles on car. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. Windshield cracked in lower center. Many Mini owners would like this problem to be resolved, permanently. Our Minicoopers, 2004, received a very small chip. There were also larger foot pedals. The crack originated at the bottom of the windshield from below the area of the windshield that is exposed to road hazards like stones and rocks, and no such hazards have hit the windshield. They are stating that there is a pinhead sized chip in the windshield, but since when will a pinhead sized chip create a foot long fracture in my windshield. My husband spoke with steve, a Mini rep in houston, and was told the windshield had be recalled due to large amounts of stress on the windshield. Neither one is expensive, and both may need to be replaced. 2. Dealership replaced but took 5 to 6 weeks. Technically not a Mini, the America was discontinued in the United States in 1972, citing sluggish sales. This has been a problem since the Minis introduction and was supposedly fixed with reinforced a pillars on 04s. It is now 8" long now after 1 week and has hung a left. Here are the most likely scenarios that cause damage to your MINI Cooper's windshield and auto glass: To get you an accurate price for your MINI Cooper windshield, we will consider the size of the glass damage, whether full auto glass replacement or windshield repair is required, and other factors related to your MINI Cooper’s age, model, and associated built-in technologies. statistics and reliability analysis of Mini Cooper S based on all problems reported for the Cooper S. Overnight a stress fracture appeared on the drivers side lower windshield. Act as a barrier to prevent passenger from ejecting of the car. Radar detectors certainly ... Mini Cooper 2007-2013 Replacing Antenna Regardless of the truth behind the gossip, one thing was certain, the Mini (or rather Mark I) definitely made its mark in the 60s culture. It has about 2500 miles on it. all problems of the 2006 Mini Cooper S . Rest assured that Safelite AutoGlass® can handle your “baby” with the care, knowledge, and experience it deserves. Windshield 2007-13 hatchback, 2009-15 convertible, 2008-14 clubman, mini, with rain sensor, with heated. If you've had this problem, or you simply need to replace the trim due to a turkey collision, keep reading and we'll walk you through the process. I have had a second stress fracture in my front windshield in the past 6 months and Mini USA does not want to take responsibility. Mini Cooper S 2003 model purchased September 27, 2003 has developed a windshield crack near lower edge at center. You only pay after the installer has successfully replaced/repaired your auto glass. This article ... Mini Cooper 2007-2013 Resetting ECU or Check Engine Lights In 1957 England, post-World War II, fuel prices were rapidly rising due to the Suez Crisis, making fuel-efficient vehicles more appealing. Mini Cooper Owners Love our Qualified Glass Professionals! In 1968 the Mini was bought by the British Leyland Motor Corporation. I've had many new and used cars and this is the first case where such an insignificant "chip" has propagated to a total failure requiring replacement without even being visible first. Mini Cooper 2001-2006: How to Install Radar Detector : the contact stated while the vehicle was parked in a parking lot, the windshield sustained a small, hairline fracture. See Most of that additional weight is attributed to the introduction of a fuel injected twin point engine. Issigonis took the challenge seriously and made some innovative design changes that were unheard of at the time. Make that pesky check engine light go away. Result. Two versions available, one is 'Standard', and the other is for MINIs with the 'rain sensor' option, and / or the Auto Dimming mirror option. It makes sense that you would be intentional about your auto glass repair company. No rock chip or other impact evidence. It does not take long to learn from the internet message board that many similar complaints or recurring incidents were also reported. Cracks are happening repeatedly to some owners (3 new windshields in one year for at least one owner. ) Safelite services 97% of the United States from over 7,900 MobileGlassShops™ and physical shop locations. They did a great job! The engine mounting points were moved forward so better accommodate 1275 cc power units. BMW introduced airbags to the Mini's construction in order to comply with safety legislation in Europe. But what we can do is share with you some of the quotes customers like yourself have recently received on You love to ride in style and you’ll only invest in the highest quality and most dependable products for the best driving experience and longevity of your MINI Cooper. Crack extends from right edge and goes towards center and then turns up towards roof - crack about 12" long. They have been used as street cars that appeal to all age groups and economic levels and have also been used as rally cars, including being three time winners at the Monte Carlo Rally. Many Mini owners have experienced a similar crack, and Mini/BMW refuses to acknowledge a problem here. 2005 Mini Cooper | 2 Door Hatchback, very efficient In 1981, the Mini celebrated being among the top ten selling cars in Britain for the final time, ranking number 9. The dealership and manufacturer were alerted and determined the cracks were due to the impact of the object. The appeal was widespread and diverse, it transcended the barriers of class and culture. Find your nearest Safelite shop. We would have had the chip treated, if it weren't so small, so a crack would not have happened, but there was no time, it cracked overnight. Copyright © 2020, a Honex Interactive Company. These windshield have the tinted band across the top. See Service manager "proved" this by tracing crack with a ballpoint pen until it encountered a microscopic, nearly invisible "pit" along the crack. The only sensible explanation is due to design of the body struture or defect from Mini coopers, and subsequently causes stress to the windshield. Mini Cooper S owners have reported 47 Please take a look at the problem and hopefully it will get BMW/Mini cooper attention to fix the problem or at least take responsibility. On the evening of Feb 10, 2004, this crack was not there. Sudden stress crack appeared directly behind rear view mirror. I strongly urge the NHTSA to investigate this problem immediately. They know that they have a problem with stress fractures, but will not fess up to it. This seems to be a common problem with the Mini windshield and the problem is fixed once you replace the windshield with a thicker glass. However, Issignois and BMC did not see eye-to-eye on this matter and the Mark II was released instead. On the next day, after parking inside my garage overnight, the long arm of the l propagated another 2 inches. 2003 Mini Cooper S purchased new; at approx 4500 miles 6-inch crack appeared overnight in lower right corner of windshield. . It didn't take long, though, for the perky, fun, nimble little car to catch on. Pull back on the rubber door molding to reveal five more screws. Cracked windshield with no identifiable impact marks. . Thank you for the quick and efficient service. This isn't an uncommon problem, especially if you've had your windshield replaced recently. Remove any leftover double-sided tape in the pillar with a plastic scraper, being careful not to scrape any paint off. Below you'll find the latest ratings and reviews of local Cooper automobile glass shops from real Glass.Net customers like you. $12.99 $ 12. Get rid of those pesky wires with a clean custom installation. Originally designed with fuel economy as its primary objective, the little car has become a cultural icon. Whether you’re the owner of a rare vintage model or swanky modern MINI Cooper, you’re in the best hands with Safelite. The first Mini was unveiled to the press in April 1959. The Mini's successor in the states was the larger Austin America. Changes. 7sizes=Better fitment for Every Vehicle Car … I got in it last night and first thing I noticed was a verticla crack in the windshield extending from the top chrome molding 14" down, parallel to and 5" from the driver's side edge of the windshield. Mini Cooper Windshield Replacement 5 5 1 1 year ago. First occasion - windsheild cracked adjacent to VIN # location. It wasn't there when I drove to work in the morning but was there when I went to my car at 5pm. This article applies to the Mini Cooper (2007-2013). FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. Mini cooper, Mini Cooper S and convertibles, dating 2002-2006. You only pay after the installer has successfully replaced/repaired your auto glass. The technician, Javier, was on time, polite, and professional. Line up the new trim backing piece from top to bottom and insert it into the pillar. The crack originates in the low/middle area of the windshield, goes up about 2 inches, then sneaks to the passenger side about 5 inches. Has your window motor given up on life, leaving you exposed to the elements or unable to order your favorite drive through food?

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