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macedonian greek surnames

(SEG vol46.insc.799)His name derives from Αγνός ( = pure) + Θεός (=God). 556His name consists of aglai- from the verb αγλαϊζω (= honour) and the ending -anos. AGELAS (Αγέλας)Son of Alexander. Its full meaning is the “one who is sharp”. Hence the Italian ‘Zoilo’, 51. It was also the name of the 7th Spartan king who came in the throne of Sparti in 886 BC, long before the establishment of the Macedonian state. KRITOLAOS (Κριτόλαος)He was a potter from Pella. ORESTES (Ορέστης)Derived from Greek orestais meaning ‘of the mountains’. 30. 42. 48. Another case bearing the name Agippos in the Greek world was the father of Timokratos from Zakynthos. This was the name of a 7th-century BC lyric poet from the island of Lesbos. The name of one of Alexander the Great’s personal body guard who was present during the murder of Cleitus. 20. 19. 4. He was a general of Kassander. PREPELAOS (Πρεπέλαος)Derives from greek words “πρέπω (=be distinguished) + λαος (=people). AGAKLES (Αγακλής)He was son of Simmihos and was from Pella. Macedonian Surnames. BERENIKE (Βερενίκη) (BERENICE Latinized)Means ‘bringing victory’ from pherein ‘to bring’ and nike ‘victory’. His name derives from the verb αγορά-ομαι (=deliver a speech) + the name Αθηνά (= Athena). 47. ATHENAIS (Αθηναϊς)The name was found on an altar of Heracles Kigagidas in Beroia. He was known as Antigonus ‘Monophthalmos’ (‘the One-Eyed’). ARRIDHAIOS (Αρριδαίος)Son of Philip II and later king of Macedon. ATALANTE (Αταλάντη)Her name means in Greek “without talent”. He was a Macedonian, officer of companions. Below is a list of 100 Macedonian names and their Greek etymology. HEGELOCHOS (Ηγέλοχος) (HEGELOCHUS Latinized)Known as the conspirator. 56. 71. Alexander the Great, King of Macedon, is the most famous bearer of this name. ARCHESILAOS (Αρχεσίλαος)His name derive from greek verb Άρχω (=head or be in command) + Λαος (= people). 24. 23. TLEPOLEMOS ,(τληπόλεμος)Derives from greek words “τλήμων (=brave) + πόλεμος (=war)”. 25. The name was borne by five kings of Macedon. Perdikkas I is presented as founder of the kingdom of Macedon in Herodotus 8.137. 34. 7. KLEANDROS (Κλέανδρος)Derives from greek verb Κλέος (=fame) + Ανδρος (=man). Its full meaning is “the one who loves cheese”. The answer is simple: the ancient Macedonians were Greeks. Κρατερός (= Powerful). 93. Its full meaning is “too brave/man”. 75. Perseus was a hero in Greek legend. ZOILOS (Ζωίλος)Father of Myleas from Beroia – From zo-e (ΖΩΗ) indicating ‘lively’, ‘vivacious’. 5. PLEISTARHOS (Πλείσταρχος)Derives from the greek words Pleistos (=too much) + Arhos ((= master). The name of a Macedonian officer on campaign with Alexander the Great (Arrian, Anabasis, Book II, 9 and Book III, 11, 14). Karanos is the name of the founder of the Argead dynasty of the Kings of Macedon. The name Agippos derives from the verb άγω (= lead) + the word ίππος (= Horse). This was the name of one of Alexander the Great’s generals. 2. PEITHON (Πείθων) Means “the one who persuades”. After Alexander died, he took control of most of Asia Minor. HEPHAISTION (Ηφαιστίων)Derived from Hephaistos (‘Hephaestus’ Latinized) who in Greek mythology was the god of fire and forging and one of the twelve Olympian deities. TYRIMMAS (Τυρίμμας)Tyrimmas, an Argead king of Macedon and son of Coenus. “Hgisomai” in Doric dialect is “Agisomai”. 300 B.C.). PERDIKKAS (Περδίκκας) (PERDICCAS Latinized)Derived from Greek perdika meaning ‘partridge’. He became king of Argos. It derives from the verb άγαμαι (= admire) + Κλέος (=fame). Macedonians (Greek: Μακεδόνες, Makedónes) are a regional and historical population group of ethnic Greeks, inhabiting or originating from the Greek region of Macedonia, in Northern Greece.Today, most Macedonians live in or around the regional capital city of Thessaloniki and other cities and towns in Macedonia (Greece), while many have spread across Greece and in the diaspora 39. LEONNATOS (Λεοννάτος)One of the somatophylakes of Alexander. 13. In the Iliad, the name of the wife of Meleager of Aetolia. 90. Also the name of Alexander’s nurse’s brother, who severed the arm of the Persian Spithridates at the Battle of the Granicus. 27. Find out how surnames are ranked in popularity, how many people in the United States of America bear a particular name, and how the statistics change between 1990 and 2000 US Censuses. 95. DIONYSOPHON (Διονυσοφών)It has the meaning “Voice of Dionysos”. AGASIKLES (Αγασικλής) Son of Mentor, from Dion of Macedonia. ignore name meanings: keywords from the name meanings are ignored. ARETAS (Αρετας)Derives from the greek word Areti (=virtue). In the 4th century BC he built a huge empire out of Greece, Egypt, Persia, and parts of India. ARCHIAS (Αρχίας)His name derive from greek verb Άρχω (=head or be in command). MENELAOS (Μενέλαος) (MENELAUS Latinized)Means ‘withstanding the people’ from Greek meno ‘to last, to withstand’ and laos ‘the people’. It means the “descedant of Parmenon”. Macedonian names are used in the country of North Macedonia in southeastern Europe. 69. This was part of a process whereby all the names of Macedonian villages, towns, regions, etc. This was the name of one of Alexander’s generals that claimed most of Asia and founded the Seleucid dynasty after the death of Alexander in Babylon. The full meaning of his name is “Virtuous man”, 82. THETIMA (Θετίμα)A name from Pella Katadesmos. He was son of Amyntas and was executed as a conspirator. His name derives from the adj. AXIOS (Άξιος)Meaning “capable”. PHILOTAS (Φιλώτας)From Greek philotes meaning ‘friendship’. SELEUKOS (Σέλευκος) (SELEUCUS Latinized)Means ‘to be light’, ‘to be white’, derived from the Greek word leukos meaning ‘white, bright’. 97. SOSTRATOS (Σώστρατος)Derives from the Greek words “Σως (=safe) +Στρατος (=army)”. Mitron of Macedon appears in a inscription as a donator. 63. ARISTOPHANES (Αριστοφάνης)Derived from the Greek elements aristos ‘best’ and phanes ‘appearing’.

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