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lowest recoil 20 gauge shotgun

A Shotgun Recoil Example. They require that their shooter absorb a greater amount of recoil energy. 3/4oz 1100 fps 9.2 ft-lbs 20ga 1/2oz 1200 fps 5.8 ft-lbs 20ga (wad, 2 cheerios, OS) Because the cost of using a 20 gauge is so good compared to the more niche shotgun sizes, like 28 gauge, it is still an economical choice and offers some additional skill honing attributes for shooters who want to test themselves in the field or on the range. The velocity of the gun is based on it’s weight, and the weights and speeds of the wad/shot-column, and the faster gases, and the interaction of amount of powder, wad/shot column, and gun weight can be complex: it’s best to just calculate each combination to see what gives lowest recoil. Basically, this equation takes into account the mass and velocity of the shot and wad, the mass of the propellant, and the mass of the gun. Therefore, the figures in any recoil table should be taken as approximate. ASSUMPTIONS: 6.5 lb gun. Made ruggedly, the TRUGLO fiber optic sight over the vent rib makes it easy to locate your shot and the chrome internal plating will ease maintenance concerns. Without the cheerio there is too much space and the final crimp dishes in and lets shot fall out, unfortunately. Fast second shot capability and a long barrel give it the kind of accuracy you need for fast ground birds and allows you a bit of leash to select the right load for the type of hunt you are doing. Fit and perception are vital. Lowest Recoiling Shotgun. If you’ve got a good recoil pad and muzzle brake, the butt of your shotgun is not going to jar your shoulder as violently. The 2 cheerios and OS card is also painful and slow to load. And you might need to use 5/8oz shot. That’s it–any other factors like pads and springs or pistons that may extend the recoil impact over time to reduce it’s perceived punch will be gun-additive things, not ammo based. Three shotguns in particular have markedly low recoil levels. Father. Click to access GunRecoilFormulae.pdf The higher price tag does not mean it’s going to perform better than any of the other guns, but the way it’s built more than justifies the price tag. It has a short LOP of 12.5 inches along with a compact 24-inch barrel to improve handling. This means that not all shells deliver the same amount of recoil, nor do all shotguns. Normally, I’m a big fan of this kind of thing. So let’s list the possible payloads and speeds with their recoils, including some standard commercially available loads as benchmarks. Posted on July 16, 2018 by bcbuck. explained, Lightning steel #7 & #16, Estate FB vs. Fed FB. When in a dark home in the middle of the night, any improvement in flash signature and sound metrics can be helpful. That means we need the pellets to be going at least 1000 fps, and there’s no reason to go faster than 1200 fps which is a standard skeet speed. You’ll probably have to plug the mag tube for most hunts where this one makes the most sense, but that’s ok, because your 2-3 shots you’re left with after the plug goes in, is more than enough with the fast action and long barrels. These are good things to remember when comparing shotgun gauges and loads. Thoughts: 3.5″ SAAMI spec ammo for 3.5″ 12ga in 2 3/4 hull? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This is no home defense shotgun for most onlookers. It is also proven in law enforcement and in-home defense situations. One of the most important of these, in addition to gun weight, is the fit and shape of the gun stock. You must be careful to not attempt to get 0.055″ depth on final crimp though and just leave it closed and flat, as any pressure will dish the crimp. In the real world, firearms chambered for smaller cartridges are typically built lighter than firearms chambered for more powerful cartridges. It is a heavy gas operated gun that absorbs alot of recoil. The former situation minimizes the subjective recoil, while the latter maximizes subjective recoil. The 20 gauge shotgun is a beautiful reminder that bigger is not always better, and that specialty firearms are still a thing. Additionally, a 20 gauge shotgun does have some minor concerns when being used as a defensive or tactical weapon. The Guns of James Bond: Roger Moore. Gun Parts - Stocks, Barrels, Actions, etc. It is also the simplest, most robust in build quality (meaning it has high durability and low maintenance, generally), and the most easily accessorized gun in the 20-gauge chambering on the market. In the shooting sports we call that reaction recoil or "kick." Recoil velocity is a product of gun weight, projectile weight, and muzzle velocity, and it’s measured in feet per second. If you’re firing a powerful shell, a heavier gun will help to mitigate its recoil. In order to determine the best 20 gauge shotguns on the market, we utilized the following weighted aspects of what a shooter would want in the firearm for the 20 gauge. They are all heavy guns by some standards for 20 gauges, but not heavy at all for breaking clays or an afternoon on the dove field. The shooter who might seriously consider it for a home defense weapon, which is a viable option given the breadth of loads available in 20 gauge currently. Just three shells each, but extreme variations were < 20 fps so pretty consistent. We have everything from buck to birdshot in stock, and at the cheapest prices on the internet! If we were to fire it out of a 7 lb Winchester Model 101 Field, it would generate 13.9 ft lbs recoil energy. A reminder: “recoil” is just the gun moving backwards and smacking your shoulder and cheek when you fire. Get a gel cheek pad, Beretta makes a good one, send it to Briley to lengthen forcing cones and possibly port it. Latest. If you are serious about changing the way you look at 20 gauge shotguns, this is the option. Gun weight is an important, and inversely proportional, component of recoil. This is safe to load with 1/2 oz or 5/8oz shot, and would probably give you 1300-1400 fps and 8000 psi or so. Recoil can throw off your aim, so when rapid fire comes in to play a beefier shotgun will help you to stay on point. Both kick to the same to me. With that kind of speed in a swing, it makes a better shooter out of anyone who can agree that 2 shots are enough for their purposes. 1. 2. It is obviously good looking, but that is the least important feature it offers to the shooter, which will typically be a newcomer to top tier shotgun range sports or a dedicated upland bird hunter. Simple, comfortable, intuitive to use and proven in any scenario, it is far from the prettiest or the most innovative, but it has been around forever and is ridiculously reliable. 12ga Low-Recoil Mallard load for < 40 yds; Copperhead #B “BB-gun” loads; Lowest Recoil Commercial 12ga Steel for waterfowl; MG42 loads; 12ga Goose Load, Steel, 9/8oz; 20ga. What attributes should be used to determine if a 20 gauge shotgun is a best in class? Here is a nice 12 Gauge shell with ⅞ oz of shot and a 1,200 fps muzzle velocity. Copyright 2015, 2016 by Chuck Hawks. Choose a gun weight appropriate for the loads you intend to shoot. It’s probably the best option if you want to take the home defense angle with the 20 gauge, because it will digest any shell you can dream up to put through it. It excels at that. In order to effectively do this, because of such market saturation in the 12 gauge shotgun market, we feel it’s necessary to also talk about the benefits of using a 20 gauge shotgun, and where a 20 gauge shotgun will shine. 5/8oz 1000 fps 5.9 ft-lbs 20ga (wad, 1 cheerios) 3/4oz 1200 fps 10.5 ft-lbs 28ga 80923-78 Fiocchi, Fio616, 15.0gr Titewad, ob20 gas seal, DX20 wad, 1/2oz lead, os20 overshot card, 9200 psi 1460 fps. Hull is thinner and a bit more volume, but will work, probably dished crimps and more crushed hulls during loading. Anti-“hull-bulge” bushing: how to stuff 1-1/8oz of #2 steel into a 2.75″ 12ga without buckling. Build quality and appropriateness for the use case, Ability to easily shoot from one use case to another without significant changes, Ability to handle factory shotshell loads, Details, fit, finish and history of the firearm/manufacturer, Fantastic production history and excellent price point, Significantly better recoil handling than most guns on the market in its space, Great value for what you are getting, but still not cheap, Has sold more units than any other gun on this list, Will shoot any shell type in the chambering, Built to a different standard for factory mainstream offerings, Starting to get expensive for factory mainstream firearms, Gorgeous attention to detail and fit and finish, Very good accuracy and very good swing characteristics despite being quite long, Expensive; not made for casual shotgun shooters, Good for turkey if you dare shoot a 20 gauge at them, Good recoil dampening considering its not a core build feature on this gun, Pretty expensive for the casual shooter, not for the infrequent 20 gauge hunter. Lighter, slimmer, easier to swing, quieter, less muzzle rise, and much less recoil than any 12 gauge. I shoot up to 500 rounds a day in practice through a double without issue. All rights reserved. They have reignited the original market demand for their products by re-imagining the price point for a quality made long-gun. I patterned all these at 25 yards and while usable for skeet, they appeared “blown”–not much shot remaining in center. And you lose very little form the perspective of tolerances and fitment while saving thousands comparatively. I loaded up some shells using the older Win AACF hull (above on left). I included the wad weights, powder weights, and filler (cheerio, OS cards) in these calculations, just to be accurate… that only changes things 0.5 ft-lbs though if you want to ignore it in your own calculations. It is substantially built, and many might argue, much better built than any “value” brand offering. Use the 1200 fps 14.0 gr recipe as your “basis”: A bird hunter who must have a semi-auto and will utilize the 3” chamberings occasionally. I have shot the Mossberg 930 in both the walnut & blued version as well as the black synthetic. Move to 1 ounce loads standard velocity, that should be your start. Less recoil usually leads to better shot placement, and for a lot of people, it also means they are more likely to practice. I saw a video of the Beretta Xtrema2 and it look pretty impressive. This is a work of art, masquerading as a factory mainstream, semi-custom 20 gauge shotgun. At the same time, a Barrett M82 has to weigh about 30 lbs. is so common. So reducing MV is important, as well as reducing total ejecta. The most expensive shotgun on this list of best 20 gauge shotguns, the Citori has become synonymous with high quality and top tier results in the field and on the range. The 5/8oz loads were fine with 1 cheerio and OS. 1100 REMINGTON or a 1187 REMINGTON WILL BE HARD TO BEAT ALL THE WAY AROUND . In most competitions, I run an old A5 with the recoil system set for heavy loads, and I shoot promo target loads, or reloads. — you can get this cheap right now for $59 a flat delivered to door during Win rebate, or Rogers or Dunns etc. Never-the-less, the table below should give a reasonably accurate comparison of the recoil of most popular shotgun gauges/shells. The problem is I know nothing about semi-autos, and there are a ton of options. If you think that a gun is gonna get you, you'll feel it more. The simplicity and grace with which the Beretta 686 silver pigeon performs, makes it truly a spectacle at the price point, which to the uninitiated is steep, but to the veteran, is cheap. Furthermore, the larger shotshells and the more potent loads and breadth of load options makes it easier to kill an animal; stop a bad guy or achieve other goals in shooting, hunting and defensive use cases, because you can put more lead on the target per shot.

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