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No part of this website may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means. Outfit your car with cold air intake systems, pick up timing belt kits for your engine, get ceramic brake pads or clutch kits, all at the click of a button. With that scarf and those tea shades, you'd better! I was online reasonably early, early enough to have been on The WELL and to have been excited when the first proper Web browser came out, and so I abandoned ink-and-paper catalogs quite some time ago. I've ordered stuff from JC Whitney since then, of course, via their website; in fact, JC Whitney sponsored my team's first 24 Hours of LeMons car with a free Wink mirror, thanks to a helpful JC Whitney employee who liked my writing. Interiors are just the beginning, however, as the JC Whitney catalog also gives you everything you need to bulk up your vehicle’s body as well. ... Volkswagen® From classic VWs to the New Beetle, we have every bloomin' thing! I lived near the greatest car-parts store in the country, but I still wanted to know what all my options for weird modifications and upgrades were. {{ (rememberingPassword) ? $(document).ready(function() { var copyrightDateYear = new Date().getFullYear(); $('.copyright-dynamic-year').text(copyrightDateYear); }); Copyright © JBugs. Photo by JC Whitney. Volkswagen Beetle bumpers, floor pans, and chassis parts are frequently needed by Volkswagen Beetle restorers. Finally, I settled on this one: an elegant flush-mount unit with white numerals and a 3-inch face. Project Car Hell, Air-Cooled Inferno Edition: oval... Mike Gascoyne hails big step forward for Lotus, World Cup fever, F1 in 3D and a Champagne moment, Driver reaction after the Canadian Grand Prix, Massa clash was a racing accident - Liuzzi, Christian Horner satisfied with Red Bull form, Promoters happy with new Montreal track surface, Fernando Alonso buoyed by podium finish in Montreal, Schumacher escapes penalty for tangling with Massa, Sebastien Buemi 'super happy' with eighth in Canada, Lewis Hamilton hails fantastic team effort, Massa laments 'horrible' Canadian Grand Prix, 'A really crazy race' for Virgin Racing in Canada. Food addiction a step closer to formal diagnostic status – or not? Jika ada situs yang terbaik kenapa pilih yang lain? Here at Autoweek, we're going to celebrate 100 years of JC Whitney by having our writers (the ones who are old enough, anyway) share some of their favorite memories of sending in those order forms to 1917-1919 Archer Ave. We'll start with the story of my very first JC Whitney catalog. These accessories were also very popular. Drop one of JC Whitney's hot cams into your Beetle and you'd get THIS! From running boards, tonneau covers and suspension kits to engine performance parts, electronics and lighting...and everything in between. Most JC Whitney hoods feature cowl induction, which is a good upgrade that can improve engine ventilation. My dad, who had driven the world's hooptiest '40 Ford coupe while a teenager in small-town Minnesota, remembered buying parts from JC Whitney: "I'm sure they're still around," he told me. Fast Shipping availalbe. someone had chopped off most of the fenders and all of the body behind the rear window) and had a Type 3 Squareback engine sticking out the back like a big shelf. No problem! This car had been half-assedly converted into a Baja Bug (i.e. If you really want to ratchet up your vehicle’s capabilities, you can shop performance parts from a range of trusted providers, all from one catalog. Place your order now and take advantage of our discounts, low-price guarantee, and quick shipping! Jakarta, Dok saya pria berumur 27 tahun. Added benefit of sucroferric oxyhydroxide is not proven. Here's what JC Whitney catalogs looked like in 1981. Shop Volkswagen Beetle Valance. Smoothen out your dash and console with sleek covers, and pad out your steering wheel for maximum comfort. After gauges, there were wild off-road lights that I needed for my Beetle. If you're passionate about your bike, the Catalog Motorcycle catalog is what you've been waiting for! Our library of how-to videos show you step-by-step tutorials on how to restore and repair your vehicle using VW parts from JBugs. 'Hide' : 'Show' }}, {{ (showPasswords[2]) ? Sex sells in 2013 Super Bowl ads : Mercedes-Benz a... VW to unveil Beetle Dune concept at Detroit auto show. ... Get the JC Whitney E-Catalog. The JBugs library of how-to videos for air-cooled VW's will show you, step-by-step, how to restore your classic VW. JC Whitney If you were ready to shell out close to 200 bucks, your Beetle could have had a Rolls-Royce- or '40 Ford-influenced body kit, complete with Continental-type engine cover. Want your Beetle to look like a 911? The air scoops for Transporters and Beetles allegedly helped with those vehicles' chronic overheating problems, and I'm sure someone still makes them. Volkswagen Beetle Intercooler. No seats, no interior, no instruments -- just a rusty steel shell with an engine and four wheels. JC Whitney Catalog. The '81 JC Whitney catalog offered page ... so I wasn't able to branch out into all the crazy off-road and fog lights offered by JC Whitney. No problem! POWER for your Volkswagen! Will EV Trucks Lure Truck Fans or Early Adopters? Sure enough, a couple of weeks later, here comes my first JC Whitney catalog … and the world of ill-advised car modifications opened up for me in miraculous fashion. determineModelSubmodelText(selectedModel, selectedSubmodel) : 'Select Your Vehicle' }}, {{ (selectedModel) ? Perhaps I'll order one now. 'Hide' : 'Show' }}, {{ (selectedModel) ? 'Hide' : 'Show' }}, {{ (showPasswords[1]) ? I picked up a VW speedometer at the now-defunct Oakland U-Pull-It, attacked my new instrument panel with a universal hole saw (which I'm pretty sure I bought from JC Whitney), and there was my first gauge. JC Whitney › Volkswagen › Beetle › Intercooler. Build the most comfortable interiors for you and your passengers with improvements like convenient interior lights, lush seat upholstery, or even all-out custom seats. Photo by JC Whitney.

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