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george odom jr

The Circuit utilizes the services of 90 full time judges.Circuit court judges are elected in nonpartisan races. For instance, lawyers don’t need to drive from the far reaches of the county to downtown to attend hearings. Abbe Sheila Rifkin Logan, George Odom Jr. and Dennis Bailey are three candidates for Broward Circuit judge in the Aug. 18 elections, which are open to all voters, regardless of party. JD, Nova Southeastern School of Law, Sun Sentinel Newspaper; Broward AFL-CIO; Broward County Council of Professional Fire Fighters; Hispanic Vote; Florida State Fraternal Order of Police Dist. In a 25 year-old death penalty case which had come back on appeal, the wife of the convicted man wished to present evidence to the jury that the man was a good father to “their children.” The prosecutors pointed out “their children” were minors and the man had been in prison for longer than they had been alive, so if I allowed her testimony, they wanted to rebut the evidence with ordinarily inadmissible proof of his length of imprisonment. He speaks at various grade schools, community events and organizations. BA, Florida Atlantic University George has represented numerous clients in jury trial and non-jury trial proceedings. Mr. Odom decided to attend law school after serving honorably in the United States Marine Corps George focuses his practice on personal injury and general civil litigation, federal and state criminal matters and family law matters involving dissolution of marriage, paternity, child support, juvenile delinquency, truancy and juvenile dependency. The value society places on the exchange of ideas and information are important. Any person who is found to commit a hate crime against another person should be held accountable. It comes with it’s own limitations. Life has taught me that although you may want to take a short cut the cost is not worth it. Electronic access and remote hearings have now become a normal affair. Speaking to public agencies and community organizations would avail jurists to the public and help explain how the court system operates. I have handled hundreds of Zoom hearings, including full evidentiary hearings and trials, and see first-hand the need for revised rules of procedure and evidence. George Odom, Jr. is a Partner with Dixon & Odom, Attorneys at Law, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. George Odom, Jr. is a Partner with Dixon & Odom, Attorneys at Law, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The military taught me that your decisions can mean life or death. In 1992, the U.S. Sup. He was the Vice President of the Finance & Investment Society in 2008. But Zoom isn’t the answer. Understanding the courts would include 24-hour access to online informational tools to the public. How much work do we want to do on this case? He worked for Deutsche Bank AG in 2008 as an Operations Analyst-Closing and Compliance Functions. v. City of St. Paul, struck down a hate crime ordinance and reversed the conviction of a teenager for burning a cross on the lawn of an African-American family for violating the First Amendment's protections for freedom of speech. We must also look at the civil courts and how the discovery obligations are raising the cost of litigation. He practices in the areas of personal injury, family law, criminal law, probate and civil rights violations. The 17th Judicial Circuit serves the citizens of Broward County, Florida. George Odom Jr. (NP) Compare Rank Biographical Information In the area of hate crimes, what are some of the issues in balancing free speech rights against the need to control offensive activity? The current pandemic has revealed many changes that were needed in the justice system. Ct. case of R.A.V. It is the 2nd largest jurisdiction in the State with a population of over 1.6 million residents. This will be a benefit not only to the justice system but also those who have difficulty attending routine court hearings. We must embrace this new change and use it to promote more efficiency and reduce cost to litigants in the court. My mother taught me that your reputation is everything. Should we try to convince our clients to do something that is in their best interest but not what they want? I worked in the defense attorney arena for over 12 years. George Odom Jr. provides aggressive representation for his clients in the areas of personal injury, civil rights, family and criminal law. Mr. Odom has tried various types of cases both court and jury in multiple state courts in Florida. Eliminating that would save clients in attorney fees, childcare, parking fees, lost wages, and the discomfort in going through security and sitting on wooden benches while waiting for hearings. The First Amendment prevents the government from proscribing even reprehensible speech or expressive conduct because of disapproval of the ideas expressed. In 2007, he worked for the Fourth Judicial Circuit Finance & Accounting Department as an OPS Fiscal Assistant. When faced with the injustice of evidence being collected illegally by the police, I have thrown the evidence out even when it is apparent the prosecution’s case would also fall apart. What do we charge? To compare two candidates, click the "compare" button. I was affirmed on appeal. 2012, Undergraduate Degree: University of North Florida, B.A., 2008, United States Marine Corp, 2000 – 2004 Active, 2004-2008 Inactive Duty, National Bar Association -  Virgil Hawkins Chapter, Florida Bar Military Affairs Committee Member, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Broward County League of Women Voters Initiative Committee, Dillard High School My Future Is Now Mentor. With the rising cost of discovery obligations this may be easier said than done. Due process requires that every individual have access to the court system and the right to be heard. In my opinion, how we resolve ethical dilemmas depends on your character. After many hours of research, I ruled with the state. Mr. Odom also interned for the Law Office of Kevin Cobbin under senior attorney Kevin Cobbin on the Marissa Alexander case that brought state wide attention to the disproportionate harsh sentences involving minimum mandatory sentencing laws. He started working in the investigations department for the Public Defender’s Office in the Fourth Judicial Circuit in 2005.

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