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do nuk teats fit other bottles

Thanks Nikki, Hi Nikki She had to have the hole made bigger though as she liked the faster flow. Country of Origin. I also got a few from ebay. What size are you using? Hi all, need some advice re teats please. Just to say I used Nuk teats as well as my LO was prem. It's only £6 for the bottle and teat on amazon so I'm giving it a try, if it works it would be amazing but this time around I think I will end up starting the cup at 4 months and persevering with that. We used the closer to nature at that time. This time round I was determined to start earlier with the bottle etc etc.. It didn't look like the nuk teats would fit mam so I bought the bottle. ... Do NUK FIRST CHOICE Bottles fit into the NUK Baby Food Heater and Steriliser? Then I needed her to take a bottle and I swear they sense it suddenly it was a no go. Also, are you putting breast milk or formula milk into the bottles? Sometimes i had to try both to see which one suited DS that feed. I am currently using Nuk number 2 teats for my dd2. e.g. I think that I may now have the answer. Just ordered a doidy cup too! Wide-neck NUK First Choice and First Choice+ teats will not fit. Aftger taking a couple of bottles in the early weeks lo now flatly refuses a bottle. I had this issue with DD1 and so planned to give DD2 a daily expressed bottle to ensure it didn't recur, but it hasn't worked - for the last 4 days she has pushed the teat out of her mouth with her tongue.I've been using MAM bottles and teats but have just ordered an NUK bottle with the latex teat to see if it makes a difference - any nice anecdotes about bottle refusers accepting a NUK latex teat to cheer me up?? Compatibility. Just wanted to say, I use NUK too as they are the only ones my DD will take. I tried it once and hated it (DD didn't notice any difference, it just made more mess as far as I could see) but it might be worth a go if you've got a clock ticking? Anyway, he seemed fine with that and never seemed to look for milk at nursery IYSWIM. Has anyone had success with nuk latex teats or medela calma, and do you know if these fit mam bottles? Hi I am currently using Nuk number 2 teats for my dd2. Hi all, need some advice re teats please. Has anyone any other ideas please? Share with Nintendo - £100 voucher to be won, Share your tips for making learning fun for your children with VTech - £100 voucher to be won, Do you have questions about the Green Homes Grant? although I do want her to take a bottle rather than cup as she feeds to sleep at the moment and can't see that happening sipping from a cup.I am distraught at the thought of 10 days in hospital away from my baby girl and beautiful toddler. Please??. Which propably are not good for formula, they say breast milk or cooled boiled water. NUK Classic Disposable Bottles will accept all NUK Classic Teats and will fit 40mm breast pump flange threads. I was told that Avent teats fit the Nuk bottles, but I have tried this today with no luck. Thanks for your help Get expert guidance from the world's #1 pregnancy and parenting resource, delivered via email, our apps, and website. Yep mine did. Just so you know, we may earn a commission if you buy something we’ve linked to here. Once she'd got used to the latex ones we switched to the silicone ones that last much longer. Not what you want to hear am afraid but..bought the small hole teat directly from Nuk as could only get medium in shops. Managed second time and he got into the rhythm. Next attempt was similar and milk seemed to be dripping out while I was holding it to put to her mouth. DS finally took a Tommee Tippee one but he was over a year old (and still refusing milk from a cup) and it wasn't till about a week after I had weaned him off BFing (having discovered I was pregnant, I was too busy vomiting to feed ).Am taking it slow but steady here, letting her play with the teat of the bottle for now and planning to try a sleepy feed this week (starting a feed from her nap before she's fully awake) as that's worked in the past. The last bottle however seemed to go down really fast - as if the anti colic bit was letting milk through too quickly. I used these all the time. I think it was Mooma? I have only been using them for a week, and not having any luck with them at all. If am honest, am not hopeful but am refusing to give up just yet clearly she gets her stubbornness from DH. trouble. She's now 15 weeks and we've given up!Hope you have more success! She almost inhaled a big glug of milk which just made her burp and then she wouldn't take the teat in her mouth again. NOTE: Some bottles will only work with a specific pump/bottle adapter and are noted below (with affiliate links to purchase the adapters). That old 'breastfed baby won't take a bottle' chestnut is rearing its ugly head in my house AGAIN ((sigh)) . To be honest I'm not expecting it to help much - I tried Breastflow last time but I think they're a bit of a gimmick. Yes: 5oz Born Free Bottle with Level 1 Slow Flow Nipples 9oz Born Free Bottle with Level 2 Medium Flow Nipples No, the Born Free Breeze bottle design is two piece; the bottle and the nipple/collar. DS had been sleeping through from 12 weeks and never started needing night feeds once his day feeds were cut, he just sort of adapted! We're making slow progress but she seems happy enough to chew on the teat and have it in her mouth - something that hasn't happened with any bottle other than the 1st attempts with the Nuk. What price freedom? Bedtime was usually a Mam as DS seemed to be able to drain that with minimal effort and the fact he didn't have to try meant he just zoned out. I'm a bit scared of the prospect of the 'baby feeds all night to make up for it' thing happening - not my idea of a good time!!! Any advice would be fab please. Now I just need to work out how to get her to suck...Good luck though. Jeanettex, Hi Nikki My first NEVER took a bottle! I bought nipple shields to get DD used to the plastic-y feel of teats to see if that helps the transition. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Pharmacy2u I think is where I got mine online. I found it made swapping from breast to bottle quite easy.

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