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I’m talking about a period well before there was any diversification in Africa – that came much later. One foggy night they rowed back and dug up the gold they had buried. If it wasn’t for the stupidity of the elders, you would not need SS. Who Are Showing Us the Way Forward. Anglin/JS: This article by the Associated Press does not even mention the fact that this means the case fatality rate (CFR) is now nothing even close to what was claimed by the media and government. If only the pro-German faction had won out, something might have been saved of Western Civilization in the Anglosphere and beyond into Western Europe. I assume they are competitive in their premiums. Why? These trusts contained the rights and royalties to everything he wrote, his film rights and everything. You mob are so inconsistent – you love the capitalist model, but can’t stand the capitalist model! Why do you find this so hard to accept? The US is the first country in the world to start the trend toward this ideal. ‘One serious issue could bankrupt you. Its simple. The funny thing about Trump’s lysol comment is people took him seriously and were wondering if they should actually drink it. Where are you going to find comedy like this? However, will Miss Grimsmo now take heat because she said she is “very happy” to be white? We are all descended from a group of surviving individuals who would barely fill a whistle-stop town in Kansas … it’s a remarkable story. Hint: The Bankers are parasites who create money out of nothing. The system’s basic power module (fossil fuel) was failing on a cost-basis and we tried to compensate for that with debt. So in my own case this whole pandemic thing does not really affect my life much. I dunno about that. She realizes I misspelled a name. For the average person, I have nothing to say. The debt got out of hand in both sheer quantity and from the dishonest games that bankers and politicians were playing with it. I’m starting to sound like crazy Uncle Joe now. I didn’t know it at the time, but this is one of the ways white supremacists practice racism. He refused to do so and he was as wrong as wrong can be. Learn nothing at: https://isgenesishistory.com. Not sure. I have a four wheel drive truck, a trailer, scaffolding, a full-line of professional carpentry tools. Yes, and I am sure you are aware that the cushions of the pockets are rounded into the pocket, not angled, which does not allow for a sloppy shot…you cannot count on the action of the cushion to angle the ball into the pocket… tends to carom the ball out, rather than in. Or do you? If you lovers of naked capitalism are really genuine, you must accept that in just about every field, large corporates emerge, consume everything small, and competition goes to zero. Being fat like Fat Albert…. We’re saving few lives. IF the governors do not immediately lift, and our President does not immediately demand the lifting of all such orders right here, right now, within the next hour then the government at both State and Federal levels is entirely illegitimate, it is now committing felony kidnapping and there is just cause for it to be removed and replaced by any means necessary. They live in Obama’s world. I agree again – it’s unknown so remaining agnostic until there’s more data is the rational position to occupy … far too many column-inches have been expended on here with all manner of wild unsupported (and unsupportable) conspiracy theories … to feed the perps’ own sense of smugness … and being “in the know”. People in their 30’s and 40’s who have had the virus have suffered strokes – at a rate much higher than normal. Bizarrely, you’re thinking just like Janos. The elected ones do nothing, get paid big bucks and all kinds of benefits, spend 80% of their time working to get re-elected, and pull the wool over their constituents eyes to get re-elected. The curve is a thing, and flattening it has certainly helped here. https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2020/04/24/uk-health-sec-thanks-muslims-for-lockdown-sacrifice-on-st-georges-day-doesnt-mention-st-georges-day/. How is everyone else out there in CFN fairing? Not to be taken seriously. Seriously.”. Bob Dylan is a national treasure and I’m happy he’s still with us. You have evolved too. If you could see the volume of packages these people pick up and send back each week, you would be astounded. I don’t see coronavirus as being nearly as serious as advertised…slightly worse than flu but not drastically worse. May I steal that for future use? Putnam found that even when controlling for income inequality and crime rates, two factors which conflict theory states should be prime causal factors in declining inter-ethnic group trust, more diversity is still associated with less communal trust. And that’s not even factoring in the loosey-goosey way they are counting deaths. And not from the generations that follow who are even more deeply infected by Idiot Box #1, Idiot Box #2, and a general lack of creativity, ability to think and reason, analyze, and even dream. The deep state is the enemy of humanity. This combo has a 100 percent cure rate. The racial diversity preventing unionization in grocery stores is the difference between white people and brown people who have each grown up in a racially integrated school system, and who have all been taught from a very young age, both in education and the media, that racism is bad. Or, we’re here to arrest you. Our Indigenous People are much more like Native Americans, although quite a few from this cohort do live integrated lives in cities – but we’re still talking pretty small numbers. There still isn’t. Miss Grimsmo’s travails show why whites are hesitant, even terrified, to talk about race. Teeheehee!). You bought the revisionist Lie, sold by the alien media and the Liberals you supposedly despise. You’re practicing a new stand up routine for after next January when you go back to your civilian TV role, RIGHT??””. My business has stopped, but I have accounts receivable coming in, my wife and I both get Social Security, soon we’ll get our $2,400, and next week I’m going to check with the state about qualifying for unemployment benefits as I’m self-employed. Is it worth paying the premium from the mint for the security in knowing what I’m getting is real. Whole Foods — lower rates of racial diversity increase unionization risk…diversity = non union. Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Missoula_floods. When the grid fails and the batteries all run down they’ll be beating a path to the door of anyone who can play nice tunes like that. The cynics, the apathy one upmanship order

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