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angela wesselman pierce net worth

"Catfish," which debuted last year and was released on DVD in January, made a splash at the Sundance Film Festival and became one of the most buzzed-about documentaries of the year. Sure enough, they found Megan's mom, Angela, and her younger sister Abby. This revealing fact doesn’t make the show any less real but it doesn’t look good when almost every episode begins with Nev Schulman reading an email from a potential victim requesting the show to investigate the love interest on the other side of an Internet profile. The story began in 2007, when Schulman, then 24, heard from an 8-year-old girl named Abby via MySpace. "That's when I started filming because he would go, 'Pick these packages up, bring them down to the office and slice them open,'" said Ariel Schulman. When cyber bullying has lead to so many catastrophic events of self-harm and suicide, one would think that MTV would be a little more cautious before exploiting participants with mental health issues. Within two months, Schulman became Facebook friends with a small throng of Abby's fans and family, including her 19-year-old half-sister Megan. Despite being a fantastic premise for a documentary show, all is not what it seems on Catfish. On the episode, Justin seemed to go out of his way to act as unhinged as possible, so when questions were raised about the episode and how he passed the so-called mandatory psychological tests on Nev’s AMA on Reddit, Nev either chose not to answer, or the questions were deleted completely. "I really created [Megan] to make it more of an age appropriate conversation for [Schulman]," she told "20/20" in an exclusive interview. Since Nev Schulman’s 2010 documentary Catfish was released, there has always been questions raised about the film's authenticity. "I titled the photo 'someday' because I thought, you know what … I'm not going to be guarded. It turned out that Angela -- full name: Angela Wesselman -- was the artist. No one can blame the brothers for capitalizing on an opportunity, but "playing dumb" for the camera is definitely something that seems to have crossed over into the MTV show too. However, it is difficult to believe that the media savvy and ambitious Schulmans, who already ran their own film and photography production company, weren't aware very early on that Nev was being "catfished.". She said she had no problem navigating such a complex fantasy world. According to him, MTV failed to include the whole story, by not airing discussions about the catfishers background and feels that viewers would have been more sympathetic if the catfishers justifications were shown in a fair manner. The leaked information from the participants forced MTV senior vice president of news and documentaries, Marshell Eisen, to admit that certain parts of the show are manufactured by the producers but still claims that the anxiety suffered by the catfish and catfishee are still very real. However, there are some participants that have claimed that both the catfish and catfishee had met in person before all the phone calls and research is shown on TV for entertainment purposes. Let’s take a look 15 dirty secrets that Nev and Max would rather you didn’t know about the show. However, there have been a few sources, including Justin, who claimed that Nev admitted that he is only interested in setting the stage to improve the ratings of the show. The MTV version focuses on two individuals that have been involved in an online relationship, under the guise of lies and dishonesty. "I was kind of floored," he remembered. In a YouTube video uploaded by Framel, he claims that he only did the show to get out of bankruptcy and buy himself a new car. Schulman readily admits how masterful Wesselman's deception was. It may surprise some viewers that Nev and Max don’t really have any access to or use special investigatory tools that aren’t already available to the public. It does raise questions about Catfish's ethics when subjects who are already emotionally and psychologically vulnerable are being misrepresented and portrayed in such a negative way. She would later divulge that after facing snide comments about her paintings online, she began posting them as 8-year-old Abby -- and found the critics to be much kinder. One female participant claimed in an interview that she knew that her male victim (the catfisheee) wasn’t interested in a romantic relationship with a woman, despite the show portraying it that way. Even though its authenticity has been called into question several times, the movie's commercial and critical success paved the way for Catfish to become one of MTV’s biggest and most successful reality shows. While MTV producers can’t see into the future and had no idea just how unhinged and dangerous Coleman is, it does bring into question the validity of their vetting process. The level of care offered to the show’s participants is commendable, as there is often an underlying psychological reason why the catfish has created a fake profile in order to start a bogus relationship. Schulman even doctored a photo to look like the two of them were posing together. If nothing else, don't you want to get -- find out what's real here? "She was smoking hot, unbelievably sexy ... super beautiful," Schulman said. The plaintiffs have contended that the film is a work of fiction and fair use doesn't apply. Another Catfish claimed that she only set up a profile to get revenge on her victim after a past disagreement and despite admitting this on camera, it was edited out to make her look like she wanted to be romantically involved with the catfishee. Some have questioned whether the whole movie was a hoax. But before the meeting could take place, Schulman learned something disturbing. "I have been diagnosed as schizophrenic," she said. Megan became the core of Wesselman's growing cast of characters. He, his brother and Joost found song lyrics Megan claimed she and her mother had written together actually belonged to another artist. $16 Million Angela Wesselman-Pierce Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Angela Wesselman-Pierce is known for her work on Catfish (2010). Net Worth For 18. Schulman was planning a trip to Vail to shoot a dance performance and decided he'd make the 22-hour drive from there to Megan's home in Michigan to finally see her face-to-face. "Here's this girl, this beautiful girl, virgin girl in Michigan who's writing me passionate love songs," he said. It was an episode that played heavy on the drama, with Framel coming out as gay in front of his friends, and citing self-esteems issues as his reasoning behind creating a fake profile and leading Anthony on. However, she also revealed that the cafe/restaurant that the show claimed was her place of work was completely fake, and she had never worked there a day in her life.

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